I love both gun and bowhunting for Deer and Mule Deer see photos in the Photo Album. Here lately I have been hunting Hogs in Texas. Near Lawn, Tx. A friend has a hunting lease there.  Photo Album


Ham Radio is a true love.  

I enjoy chasing DX and running Contest.



I do love to cook for the family and for Church functions.  I also still cook for the Sheriff's Office on occasion.




Bobby Baker, WM5H

136 Northwood Drive                               West Monroe, Louisiana 71291               email  robert.baker@opso.net

I have been appointed as a DXCC

card checker, contact me either by 

email or phone  318-732-9239.



©2017 WM5H


WM5H, Robert C. Baker "Bobby"

                                 Amateur Radio a wonderful hobby

When I was first licensed as a Novice and could only work CW, I spend hours copying code and working live QSO's on the air.  My very first call was KA5ZRG.  My first upgrade was to Tech. however I did not work a lot of two meters. I continued studying and practicing code. Once I made 13 wpm and passed the written test for General I found DXing and the love of SSB. From General, I next went to Advanced and enjoyed more of the band. I maintained KA5ZRG until my final upgrade to Extra Class and changed my call to AA5IH.  I was AA5IH until January of 2009 when I came out of a time that I was inactive.  The vanity call I applied for was, "AA5LA" ,  I kept AA5LA until March 10, 2012 and I was granted "WM5H".  I felt like it would be a better call for contesting.  Looks like I am now back to the basics a working alot of CW chasing dx.  Probably 70% of my contacts are CW now.


At the present time the antenna I have in the air is a 6 Element Yagi for 6 Meters.  I am getting ready for the June VHF Contest. I now have a 51 foot crankup self standing tower with the 6 Meter on it and I have 35 foot of the Rohn 45 Tower up and getting ready to install Guy post and cables and then go on up to 75 feet.


On the Rohn 45 I will have a 20 Meter OWA 5 elements at 85 feet, a 15 Meter OWA at 65 feet 5 elements, and a 6 element 10 Meter OWA at 35 feet.

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