When I was first licensed as a Novice and could only work CW, I spend hours copying code and working live QSO’s on the air. My very first call was KA5ZRG. My first upgrade was to Tech. however I did not work a lot of two meters. I continued studying and practicing code. Once I made 13 wpm and passed the written test for General I found DXing and the love of SSB. From General, I next went to Advanced and enjoyed more of the band. I maintained KA5ZRG until my final upgrade to Extra Class and changed my call to AA5IH. I was AA5IH until January of 2009 when I came out of a time that I was inactive. The vanity call I applied for was, “AA5LA” , I kept AA5LA until March 10, 2012 and I was granted “WM5H”. I felt like it would be a better call for contesting. Looks like I am now back to the basics a working alot of CW chasing dx. Probably 50% of my contacts are CW now. 

Working NAPQ PHONE contest at W5WZ’s

I am a DXCC card checker for the ARRL. I really enjoy checking cards. Just drop me a email and let me know you want to send cards. I usually check the app the day I receive it and return a copy and your cards in the out going mail the next day along with the app going to the DXCC desk.

EMAIL: robert.baker@opso.net

Bobby Baker

136 Northwood Dr.

West Monroe, La. 71291