JR was born  the 4th of November, 1976 and was shot on March 4, 2010 in the line of duty, reponding to an Aggravated Assault case with another Deputy. JR’s watch ended on March 6, 2010, he was 33 years old. He was an 8 year veteran of the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office, where he served as a Deputy Sheriff, he was a former K-9 officer with his K-9 partner Rico, and also served in the Mounted Patrol Division.  His death was heart felt in the entire community and the law enforcement community which he served so well.                
JR was a husband and father, survived by his wife Kerry, and there children, Justin, Meagan, and Nicolas.  All of which live here in Ouachita Parish.  He truely loved his family and community.  He and I both shared an off duty detail at Woodlawn Elementary School, assisting with traffic in and out of the school. I still work at the school in the morning and afternoons and the Deputy that replaced JR is the same Deputy that he responded to the fatal call with.  The school is located not far from where JR was fatally shot.  The community felt so much for his service that a new Public library was named after him.  It to is close to the area that JR was shot.  Also the part of Louisiana Highway 34 whichruns directly in front of the School and Library was named Cpl. JR Searcy Memorial highway.
I am sorry to announce that JR’s K-9 partner, “RICO” has pasted due to a long term illness.  He had been in the care of JR’s family since JR’s death.
JR with Mounted Patrol
JR with his Family